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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hello Miss Milks . I know everyone is now busy with their studies and everything. =) im just a little bored to write something here =) hope u guys wont mind.

anyways, i wish Miss Milks good luck and all the best in ur studies. GAMBATTEH ! ^^

btw, just to inform if u guys would like to request a buttons, or wanna try with new look of buttons. Do view my shared blog @
here. =)

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List Of Pet-Society-ers in Miss Milk!
Friday, February 6, 2009

Please do tell me if u are playing pet society.. so i could compile all of u into a list.. and maybe we can have like... A Giveaway? it takes turn.. or if someone wants to give away stuffs.. and also maybe can have a mini contest (need some one to host here) like who has the nicest house etc. =]
edited on 7th FEB!

- need someone in here to host some Pet Society Contest.. cannot always be me to host..
- send in ur links to xiiaomilk@hotmail.com
- hope there is no beggars in here
- do go to kogaweb.net or forum.playfish.com 
- VISIT http://hai-fishspa.blogspot.com & tag to comment!

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School reopen~! (:
Sunday, January 4, 2009

Hello miss milk (: !
Here is miss honeydew milk(yining)

This is my first time posting (:
Here to update this blog :D

how is everyone first day of school ?

nice ? good ? bad ? ok-ok ?

Hope everyone is happy with their new form teacher/new classmates/new classroom ?

hahs for those who are p6 this year

Jiayous for your PSLE this year.

All the best & best wishes to you :] take care !
& i wishing everybody a happy chinese new year (:

this banner is i made for ms milk member (:

hope you guys like it.


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MMOTM DEC 2008 Results!!
Monday, December 22, 2008

The Winner for Miss Milk Of the Month 2008 is..........
.......... DRUMROLLS........... .......... DRUMROLLS........... .......... DRUMROLLS........... .......... DRUMROLLS...........

YiNing! Congratulations! Look Out for the next Miss Milk Of the Month (Jan 2009)!

Her Results
25.5% - blog originality
8.5% - Updates in your blog [contents]
7% - coolness/cuteness of blog.
10% - proper crediting
9% - Activeness
11.5% - neatness
4% - voting
75% - Total

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Voting System Up!
Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Kayes.. Voting System for Miss Milk Of the Month Starts officially today! It Ends on 20 DECEMBER. No Self-Voting!... Hurry tell your friends to vote for you =] and by the way... it only conributes only 5% to your marks only if you are the highest voted... and 2nd will be like 4% and so on.. those very low rated or not rated.. will be awarded.. 0.5% to 1%

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